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CONTENT PRODUCER | Internship Opportunity

OCDeli is looking for 1-3 interns for Digital Marketing & Content Creation.
3-12 mo.
Options to move up, get paid and get a job are totally in the cards if you want more than experience and association.

Job Summary

OCDeli's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable consumption. 

The main business model up-front is our website platform where people can find and order from local plant-based chefs near them.

Whether it be for a weekend party, a weekly meal plan or perhaps to even find and attend a nearby cooking class, healthy vegan cooks can host whatever they would like (within OCD's standards) and fulfill orders in a waste-free manner. 

OCDeli's goal with marketing is to continue attracting national and international talent on the chef's side to get on the platform. And on the other side, the aim is to attract enough customers so we can get that talent paid.

Where I'm falling short is with consistent uploads and quality content that supports and promotes our thesis. My time is better allocated to website stuff and directly connect with friends and famous chefs to move sales and other collabs further down the field.

The volume of content on our websites needs to be managed effectively and you will play a key role in helping to produce, edit, upload and manage digital content across our websites and platforms.

Medium, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, ocdeli.com blog, etc..

I'm looking for someone who is passionate about a brand that is aiming to change the face of the world for the better. A brand that has sass and is positioned in-between a fairly sensitive series of topics... What we eat, health, veganism, happiness, waste reduction, environmental coherence, compassion, humor and climate change.

Responsibilities and Duties

1 Blog post every 4-6 days
2-8 Instagram stories posts per day
2-4 Instagram posts per day
1-2 Twitter posts per day
1 Linkedin post per day
1-2 Facebook posts per day
2 Youtube videos per week
2-6 Facebook / Instagram ads per week

This is an approximate benchmark. I have understanding enough to help facilitate and train on standards and protocol, but once you feel up to it, you can have full rein here. I have a budget for ads, and we can use social media account aggregators for mild automation, but this is the bulk of the need. 

Qualifications and Skills

Thirst for learning.
Team player w/ high verbal and written communication skills.
Experience w/ writing compelling messages to consumers.
Minor experience w /ads - whether creation or distribution.
Positive outlook.
Healthy heart.


You're on the ground floor with all upside potential.
One, you're going to have me in your pocket for life. I'm an entrepreneur and it's a life mission.

During your time here, you'll be growing more than just a resume and experience.

You'll have the option to get full-time employment at the end if you desire.
But potentially the largest value will be your portfolio building.
You're helping move a company from virtually no sales (with this new model) to whatever we build to by the time you're done. The amount of content, posts, reactions, etc.. that will have added up by the end will be so attractive to your next opportunity, you'll be truly shocked at the help.

Plus I'll help you job search if you'd like.
But that resume of taking a company from "0"- ?? is gold.
You will also get to work with me hands on and a lot.

Why is this beneficial?

Well, I'm an Eagle Scout with interesting perspective and experience. In my last career, I built a million dollar sales team. I'm helping lead the non-profit Start-Up San Diego and I'm extremely passionate about making these types of things a reality.

PLUS I have forward-leaning momentum. I've been working hard for the last few years becoming better, more valuable, more aware - and now it's game time.

In the most humble way, I'm trying to share how valuable it is to get around a quality "do'er" who also owes you one.

Become a dry sponge, soak up all the leadership and entrepreneurial lessons you can, and then it's your choice to either take the experience and invest it into your next thing, or we can talk about taking our relationship to the next level together.

Regardless of what it is, if you find yourself in the realm of interested and intrigued, I'm excited to chat! 

Kind regards, 

Caleb Brandalise

jobs@ocdeli.com - if you want to discuss further.