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New Team Member at OCDeli

Posted by Anamia Monge on

I'm Anamia Monge. I was looking for a boost of energy towards the direction I'm trying to go, so that's when I came across OCDeli. Immediately after reading the job description, I went to the website, all social media platforms and was intrigued. Intrigued because I know nothing about being a vegan. After gathering all my research, I sent Caleb, Founder and CEO of OCDeli, a message. To my surprise, I got a very ecstatic-like response. Once having met Caleb, I'd learn that he's very much so a positive, vibrant person.

Caleb never even called our first meet an "interview". The messages rolled out more so like, "Hey! Let's meet up and see if we vibe." We meet at a Starbucks, and immediately Caleb goes for a hug. I was thrown off by that for a tad second because this meet-up was business talk, but I was quickly reminded of the type of surrounding and energy Caleb's trying to create for his company.

Side note: With the bombardment of sexual harassment allegations that came out late 2017, ways of greeting and mannerism are preferred and advised to be conservative-like. That's not me, though. If it's respectable, then gosh darn I'll hug ya right back.

In all, the talk went great. No kidding, we were there for two hours and 30 minutes. Caleb has a lot to say about his company, passions and what OCDeli will do for me. 

How I'm feeling about OCDeli right now: It's a great company. Caleb is personable, very approachable and easy to talk to. Don't worry, if you don't have much to say, he does.

I met with Caleb a second time; a day before Christmas Eve. I didn't expect to receive anything, but I was given a pretty huge gift! I decided to wait until Christmas day since it was only a couple days away. It's funny because when I opened my gift -- rather than wrapping paper, it was packed into a recyclable bag -- I saw that Caleb literally gifted me fruit! Caleb gave me a cool vegan-life-starter package. Let me remind you, I'm not vegan, so being introduced to these packages in my recyclable was a great way to start me off with OCDeli and the new year, #veganuary.

Why work for a vegan company when you're not vegan? Well, why not? I'm given a chance to learn about this lifestyle, and what made me feel comfortable about moving forward with OCDeli was Caleb being open to teaching me about vegan life. So experts, if you would like to share some tips, I look forward to learning. To us who aren't on this bandwagon, learn with me and learn through OCDeli.

In sum, I'm the original creative director at OCDeli. I started in December with a slow start because of the holidays, but I look forward to teaming up with Caleb, OCDesigners and the vegan homies! I'm amped and ready to boost OCDeli into what Caleb envisions it to be and what I also envision it to be. Caleb has the entrepreneurial spirit who just loves his passion and wants to see it impact other people. Why wouldn't I want to be a part of that?

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