san diego vegan meal delivery open soon
san diego vegan delivery starts soon

Services in San Diego start this month and aspiringly in multiple major cities soon. Submit your email below, would love to help you stay in the loop.

Vegan delivery in San Diego can now be even MORE guilt free!
Our operations carbon and green house gas emissions are already around 40% less than the typical restaurant. One of the largest concerns for us that seems to be getting overlooked, is the trash and waste in the supply chain of eating right (and healthy)

Considering the importance of having a world that supports life, the way we know it, we wanted to step it up a notch:
And so we're building out a waste free delivery system. Implementing this will save the "need" of 150,000+ pieces of trash (mostly plastic) from our business alone. Once we figure out the processes and how to make it work, we will allow other vegan restaurants into the reusability network, and continue saving our seas and air from unnecessary things that should be left behind like fossil fuels itself. 

So we serve these superfood buddha bowls in these incredible, reusable bowls, and then we'll pick them up for free. Innovation for a wasteless'er future isn't about getting us to use less, it's about allowing us to get more with less. 

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